Nick O'Sean

    Nick developed a passion for sounds at a very early age. Using the family's old hi-fi system he would try and imitate what he heard on the radio by recording tapes on which he juggled between music and speech.

    It was around that period that Nick got hold of his first Club/Dance CD compilations and discovered his first electronic tracks such as the mythical “Quench-Dreams” or most of Sash! ‘s well known tracks. Nick also attended the academy of music where he acquired a sound basic knowledge of music and started making his own compositions.

    But the turning point occurred when he was shown the video recording of a huge trance event. As he was watching the DJs mixing and the incredible crowd gathered around them, Nick became completely fascinated by the magic taking place before him. He tried to learn as much as he could about this kind of events and more importantly about the music that was being mixed there.

    His urge to mix was now stronger than ever. He learned the basis of mixing on a PC and then two years later he started using turntables. Completely self-taught, Nick slowly began exploring the universe that up till then he had only been only been an avid observer of.

    Now addicted to this type of music, Nick tried to be present at all the big events such as Trance Energy, MysteryLand and many others.
Nick's wish is to be able to promote one of the greatest sounds ever to people everywhere.