Fred Mendez

    Born on February 18th 1987 in Strasbourg, Fred discovers the electronic music through Dance Music of the 90's and compilations of that time but Dance Music dies out little by little. Then, Fred turns towards very different styles of music to open his mind.

    At the end of 2003, he discovers Trance Music thanks to a friend and Internet. He is immediately attracted by Trance Music and immerses his passion into electronic music, particularly thanks to Internet which allows him to follow this music which comes mainly from Holland and England.

    He was also very impressed by the big events organised around this music such as Trance Energy or the Sensation White, but especially by Tiësto in Concert : one DJ alone in front of a full Stadium mixing for a 10 hours event.

    In 2004, he buys his first turntables to be able to do same as the great DJ who inspire him. During almost 2 years, he learns and mixes alone in his bedroom for his own pleasure and makes also the acquisition of CD decks to be up to date with his favourite music.

    At the beginning of 2006, he met Sylvain on a forum. Thanks to him, he will make great improvement in DJing and they started to mix sometime together on back to back which is very interesting and had great reaction on the crowd.

    They also attempted to several events in Holland to see international DJ such as Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz... and learn from what is been doing there! He realises that it's not so hard to play music and make people dance and together, with Sylvain, they have the project to import this new form of electronic music in France.

    His first solo experience was during a free festival organised in Strasbourg in June 2006 and the reactions were very enthusiastic. This event justified them more and they decided to create an association to promote this music and to organise parties: Eternal-Music.

    Now, after a year, Fred succeeds in several parties and played always trance on a non-stop mix build up properly as a journey into sound. He also starts producing and his first remix was released on Bonzai Record in September 2008 (Plastic Boy - Silver Bath (Fred M remix).